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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) Something that issues from a source.
Synonyms: emission
Usage: The sulphuretted hydrogen emanations, which Captain Burton mentions, could be distinctly smelt.
Article of the Day

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Automatic number plate recognition, or ANPR, is a mass surveillance method that utilizes optical character recognition to "read" vehicle license plates in images taken by designated cameras. Used by law enforcement and for electronic toll collection, ANPR systems can store images, license plate text, and, sometimes, photographs of drivers, leading to public concerns about government tracking and misidentification. Modern ANPR systems are capable of scanning plates on cars traveling how fast? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Adverbs and Degrees of Strength

Adverbs of degree can be mild, medium, strong, or absolute in how they describe the intensity, degree, or extent of the word they modify. Adverbs that are mild, medium, or strong are known as what? More...
Idiom of the Day

in the next breath

(especially when speaking) In or at the very next moment or opportunity; in a very short space of time. More...

This Day in History

The Moscow Victory Parade of 1945 (1945)

A month and a half after Nazi Germany surrendered to the USSR, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin ordered a celebratory parade through Moscow's Red Square. Thousands of troops from different regiments and fronts participated, accompanied by tanks and other military equipment. At one point, war veterans memorably threw down hundreds of Nazi banners at the foot of Lenin's mausoleum. According to legend, Stalin had initially planned to participate in the parade but changed his mind after what accident? More...
Today's Birthday

Saint John of the Cross (1542)

Saint John of the Cross was a Spanish mystic, poet, and monastic reformer. A Carmelite monk, he was ordained a priest in 1567. The following year, he joined St. Teresa of Ávila in her effort to restore the Carmelites to their original austerity, cofounding the Discalced Carmelite order. He opened the first Discalced Carmelite monastery in 1569 and was imprisoned in 1577 for causing friction within the order. He escaped and later won high office in the order. What did he write while in prison? More...
Today's Holiday

Juhannus (2017)

Juhannus is a celebration in Finland of the Summer Solstice and of the feast of St. John. People celebrate at the lake shores where they build bonfires and dance all night. Since this is near the longest day of the year, special late performances are held at open-air theaters in many towns. There are also dances at hotels. Many customs are remnants of pagan times. Birch tree branches are brought into the homes to insure future happiness. Even buses and office buildings are adorned with birch branches. As Finland's Flag Day, Juhannus is also a national holiday. More...
Quote of the Day
The knight's bones are dust,
And his good sword rust;
His soul is with the saints, I trust.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: ignore

flout, flaunt - Flout means "defy, ignore" and flaunt means "show off." More...

ignore, disregard - Ignore is properly used of things that are present in one's surroundings; for things like rules, conventions, stipulations, and contracts, the right word is disregard. More...

stet - Latin for "let it stand," a notation to ignore a correction made to a text. More...

pretermit - To pass over or ignore something. More...

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