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Word of the Day


Definition: (verb) To strengthen physically, mentally, or morally.
Synonyms: sustain, encourage, confirm, cheer, strengthen, reassure, brace, stiffen, hearten, embolden, invigorate
Usage: Prayer fortified the congregants during their crisis.
Article of the Day

Han Chinese Clothing

The traditional clothing of the Han Chinese people, also known as hanfu, is no longer used as everyday garb in China, but it is worn at festivals, special occasions, and cultural events. There is also a movement to revive hanfu for daily wear, in replacement of Western styles. Hanfu outfits typically consist of diagonally wrapped robes and may include several layers. How did formal hanfu garments differ for ordinary citizens, government officials, and royalty? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Creating Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of manner are used to tell us how something happens or is done. They are very often formed from adjectives by simply adding "-ly," but sometimes, the spelling of a word will have to change slightly so as to better accommodate the extra "-ly." If the adjective ends in "-ic," for instance, what does the ending become? More...
Idiom of the Day

live and kicking

Alive, healthy, and alert. (A truncated version of "alive and kicking.") More...

This Day in History

The Bombay Explosion (1944)

The SS Fort Stikine sailed from England in late February 1944 and made stops in Gibraltar, Egypt, and Pakistan before reaching Bombay, India, laden with a cargo of cotton bales, gold, explosives, and munitions. While the ship was berthed there, a fire broke out on board. Attempts to extinguish the fire failed, and a massive explosion soon tore the ship apart, sinking nearby vessels as well and igniting a massive blaze in the surrounding area. How many people were killed in the disaster? More...
Today's Birthday

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (1891)

A member of the caste of Dalits—once known as Untouchables—Ambedkar obtained his education abroad. He returned to his native India and worked in law before entering politics. In 1947, he became the law minister of the government of India and was instrumental in framing the Indian constitution. In that capacity, he made great strides in fighting for the rights of Dalits, even criticizing Gandhi's position on the caste system. How did the two Indian leaders differ in their approaches? More...
Today's Holiday

Takayama Matsuri (2021)

Held twice a year in Japan, in the spring and the autumn, the Takayama Festival is famous for its elaborately decorated yatai (festival floats), which are adorned with beautiful fabrics, lacquered wood, and patterned metals. Twelve of these floats appear at the April festival, held at Takayama's Hie Shrine, and 11 participate in the October festival. Some yatai feature performances of kabuki (puppet plays), often performed by mechanical marionettes. A highlight of the festival is the parade of gongs known as tokeigaku, which produce a unique kind of folk music. More...
Quote of the Day
There are talkers enough among us; I'll be one of the doers.
Charles Dickens
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: hasty

hasting, hasty - An early-ripening fruit or vegetable is a hasting and such a food that ripens early is termed "hasty." More...

hasty pudding - An ancient dish of flour boiled in water to thick consistency, with milk or beer added afterwards. More...

festinate, festination - If something is hasty or hurried, it is festinate, and to festinate is to walk fast, make haste; festination is "haste, speed." More...

precipitous, precipitate - Precipitous, "hasty, sudden and dramatic," is used in relation to physical or natural objects; precipitate, "done with great haste," relates to human actions or processes. More...

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