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Word of the Day


Definition: (noun) The boundary line of a figure, area, or object.
Synonyms: circuit
Usage: He had walked the full circumference of his land, repairing his fence along the way.
Article of the Day


Tickling is perhaps one of the most common human behaviors known, and many of history's greatest thinkers have tried to explain it. Charles Darwin, for example, noticed that a person cannot tickle himself, and scientists have observed that ticklish spots are found in the same places as protective reflexes. These observations suggest that ticklishness confers an evolutionary advantage by encouraging individuals to reflexively protect themselves. Are animals ticklish? More...
Daily Grammar Lesson

Comparative Adverbs vs. Comparative Adjectives

Comparative adverbs, like comparative adjectives, are used to describe differences and similarities between two things. While comparative adjectives describe similarities and differences between two nouns, what do comparative adverbs make comparisons between? More...
Idiom of the Day

if (one's) life depended on it

Under any circumstances; no matter what. (Used almost exclusively with a negative statement regarding something that one couldn't or wouldn't do.) More...

This Day in History

Loyalty Day: Massive Crowd Demands Release of Juan Perón (1945)

As secretary of labor and social welfare in the wake of the 1943 revolution in Argentina, Perón enacted a wide range of benefits for workers that earned him a loyal following. In October 1945, he was overthrown in a coup, arrested, and jailed. Mass demonstrations of workers forced his release on October 17, a day now known in Argentina as Loyalty Day. Shortly thereafter, Perón ran for president and was elected by a vast majority in 1946. He was forced into exile in 1955. When did he return? More...
Today's Birthday

Pope John Paul I (1912)

Born Albino Luciani, Pope John Paul I was the first pope to choose a double name, a moniker that honored his two immediate predecessors, Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI. Refusing to have the centuries-old traditional papal coronation, he instead opted for a simplified ceremony. His 33-day papacy was one of the shortest reigns in papal history, resulting in the most recent "Year of Three Popes." Several conspiracy theories surround his death. In what position was his body found? More...
Today's Holiday

Tihar (2017)

Tihar is a five-day Hindu festival in Nepal that honors different animals on successive days. On the first day of the festival, offerings of rice are made to crows, thought to be sent by Yama as his "messengers of death." The second day honors dogs, since in the afterworld dogs will guide departed souls across the river of the dead. The third day is when Lakshmi will come to visit every home that is suitably lit for her. The fourth day is a day for honoring oxen and bullocks. On the fifth day, brothers and sisters meet and place tikas (dots of red sandalwood paste) on each other's foreheads. More...
Quote of the Day
Alliance, n.: In international politics, the union of two thieves who have their hands so deeply inserted into each others' pockets that they cannot separately plunder a third.
Ambrose Bierce
Grammar Quiz
Word Trivia

Today's topic: passion

acokoinonia - Sex without passion or desire. More...

excandescence - The state of being glowing hot, anger or passion. More...

incense - Once meant to kindle any passion, good or bad. More...

wrangle - To wrangle can mean "to scream with passion." More...

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